Bioinformatics-Level1-Module6- Maryam

Module 6‎:

Technical Area

• Export the up-regulated genes from R

• Further analysis on up-regulated genes

‎ Tools

• Enrichr

• Metascape


Soft Skills

• Analysis of the differentially expressed genes, enriched pathways by them, analysis of PPI ‎networks, survival analysis, exploration about pathways.‎

• Also, we are writing a case study for the R Shiny app’s (sMAP) article. I am improving my ‎scientific reporting skills as well as teamwork skills.‎

Tasks completed

• I performed an Enrichment analysis by Enrichr and obtained all the pathways, gene ‎ontologies, TFs, drugs, and diseases that were enriched for the up-regulated genes.‎

• Then I imported all that genes to Metascape and compared the pathways that were ‎enriched in Metascape and Enrichr with each other.‎

• After that, I did a survival analysis for five genes and implemented some further analysis ‎like normal/cancer comparison and analysis of genes by the stage of cancer by GEPIA