Bioinformatics-Level2-Module7-Huikun Li

Technical Skills:

  • Learned about how to use GitHub to edit the content of for our GitHub page
  • Design app logo
  • Learned how to upload the image on GitHub Page
  • Learned how to change the format on the web page

Tools Used:

  • RShiny/RStudio
  • GitHub and GitHub Pages
  • Slack
  • Adobe Illustrator

Soft Skills:

  • Collaboration with co-leads and team
  • Leadership
  • Presentation Skills

Achievement Highlights:

  • Finalized the GitHub page’s blog’s content and formatting
  • Uploaded all my individual contributions to our GitHub repo
  • Able to make a PowerPoint presentation for group D to present our results of GitHub page


  • Becoming a group D manager is quite a challenge
  • Sub-group members were not active