Bmaharjan - UX & UI Pathway

Self Assessment 1

Name: Bijay Maharjan

Team: UX Team-1 - Observer

Overview of things Learned

  • Technical Area
    Learned different user-research and interview strategies, view and analyse trends from the data collected through interview, learned to create empathy maps, personas, and affinity diagrams.

  • Tools Used
    Mural (most of the works and diagrams), Slack (communication with the team), Zoom and Google Meet (meetings), Adobe XD (Self learning prototype)

  • Soft Skills
    Learned how to communicate with people, manage time, and work as a team.

  • Achievement Highlights
    Conducted user interviews and translated it into written transcripts, helped the team in creating first empathy map, personas and affinity diagram.

  • Goals for Upcoming Week
    Creating low-fidelity prototypes of our solution and analysing them. Getting comfortable using Balsamiq/Figma for prototyping.

  • Tasks Done
    Conducted interview, helped team members in creating empathy map, personas, affinity diagram, HMW statement and rough sketch of the solution.