Brandon_Elvander - UX & UI Pathway

Things I learned:
-What UX stands for.
-What UX is
-Why UX is used
-How to understand the needs of the user.
-I learned that the most effeicient way of collecting data is through surveys and interviews.

My three achievements:

  1. I helped create a simple and effective survey
  2. I learned how to use Mural and certain programs to help the team.
  3. I met new people that are very kind and are good speakers and listeners.

I have attended all meetings between the main groups and subgroups and both have been effective with communication.

My goal for the next week is to learn more about UX and use this knowledge to make the STEM-Away platform as simple, and easy to use as possible, while not taking away the credibility of this vast library of information.

I am an observer, so I will skip the last question. Thanks for this great opportunity STEM-Away!

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