Brian Caballo Self-Assessment Summer 2023

Project Title:

[Your Project Title]


[A short, eye-catching description of your experience]


[Your Pathway]

Mentor Chains® Role:

[Your Role]

Goals for the Internship:

  1. [Your first goal]
  2. [Your second goal]
  3. [Your third goal]

Be concise. Draw people in. Have 5 goals max.

Achievement Highlights:

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  2. [Second highlight]
  3. [Third highlight]

Be concise. Draw people in. Have 5 highlights max

Challenges Faced:

  1. [First challenge]
  2. [Second challenge]
  3. [Third challenge]

Detailed Statement:

  • This is your project report. Focus on technical and soft skills. Make this as detailed as possible to accurately capture your contributions to the project.

STEM-Away Certificate for Brian Caballo.pdf (655.7 KB)