Celestelili - Entrepreneurship Pathway

Week 1 and 2

Things I learned: Technical -Obtained a working knowledge of different revenue streams of companies and the way to do a competitive analysis. Soft skills -Communication -Collaboration -Public speaking

Tools: -GSuite applications -Trello -GroupMe

Tasks: -Developed a revenue stream for STEM Away while collaborating with sub team 1 to advance it further.

-Organized sub team meetings at times where everyone could meet, despite time zone differences. -Researched competitors of STEM Away and completed a competitive and SWOT analysis of the competitors and STEM Away.

-Led an icebreaker for all in the Entrepreneurship pathway -Presented information about a revenue stream for STEM Away -Presented a competitive analysis of STEM Away’s competitors

Achievement Highlights:
-Successfully collaborated with team members in different time zones on two presentations -Conducted market research for a competitive analysis -Developed a revenue stream that was deemed “cutting edge” by Stephanie Holt

Attended: Introduction Meeting 7/15 Revenue Models Meeting 7/16 Trello Meeting 7/18 Sub Team 1 Meeting 7/20 Sub Team 1 Meeting 7/21 Sub Team 1 Meeting 7/23 Revenue Stream Presentation 7/23 Competitive Analysis Meeting 7/25 Sub Team 1 Meeting 7/27 Sub Team 1 Meeting 7/31 Marketing Strategies Meeting 8/02 Sub Team 1 Meeting 8/04

Goals for upcoming week: Will complete a presentation on a go-to-market strategy for my team’s revenue stream plan for STEM Away, including a social media calendar and a marketing piece.


  • Brainstormed a revenue stream different than what was discussed during the general meeting
  • Developed original revenue stream further with team 1, creating 3 levels to ensure quality interns
  • Researched cost of training interns within a company
  • Completed a competitive analysis of a company that does their own internships in comparison to STEM Away
  • Completed a SWOT analysis of STEM Away and a company that does their own internships

Week 3

Things I learned: Technical -Product market fit -Choosing a market audience -Go to market strategies Soft skills -Public speaking -Working through a problem with team members

Tools: Gsuite applications (google docs, google drive, google calendar) GroupMe Canva

Tasks: -Conducted a sub team meeting to discuss marketing strategies -Created two Instagram posts for STEM Away Why choose STEM AWAY_.pdf (22.5 KB)

Quote ad.pdf (158.2 KB) -Helped create a social media calendar https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eKA0hnEq3KACffJABjoEK_tzUaMMi4VPZWVw-SadZ2U/edit#gid=0 -Worked through uncertainties about our business model and marketing strategies with my team -Recorded parts of a video ad https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1Znnj5_ob5PHYC-fI30xi9SkGK_L6W6jy

Achievement Highlights: -Being able to create two tailored Instagram marketing pieces despite not having any prior knowledge of marketing -Working through doubts with my team

Attended: Talk with Industry Mentor 8/4 Sub team 1 meeting 8/4

Goals for upcoming week: -Balance my outside responsibilities with my STEM Away ones. -Create an ad for LinkedIn -Learn about SEO and the different strategies


  • Clarified and discussed goals and outcomes for our revenue model
  • Decided on our marketing audiences and strategies
  • Coordinated a social media calendar full of posts and live streams we would do on our social media accounts to promote ourselves
  • Created one social media ad that could be used on most platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Created one Instagram burst style ad
  • Recorded a video for our video ad

Week 4

Things I learned: Technical -LinkedIn marketing: the specific types of ads (dynamic, sponsored content, display ads), tools -Key word optimization -SEO for on and off page strategies -How to create a LinkedIn display ad -Customer surveys Soft skills Public speaking/presenting Teamwork/Collaboration

Tools: Gsuite applications (docs, slides, calendar, drive, forms) GroupMe Canva Reddit

Tasks: -Conducting two sub team meetings to go over which strategies we wanted to implement as well as deciding what other social media platforms we would like to use to market ourselves -Created a LinkedIn display ad

-Created questions for a customer survey as well as creating the survey on google forms https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfmifQ5H4ImdF7qysW0TzhCHfGNSbzheB5AQ4ihpJABMf9P2A/viewform?usp=sf_link -Researched the competition level, minimum search rate, and bid rates of keywords for our business and determined which would be best to use

Achievement Highlights: -Learning about keywords and their usefulness well enough to help explain to my group despite never hearing of the topic before -Successfully creating a customer survey that Stephanie deemed was well enough to use as is

Attended: Sub team 1 meeting 8/11 Sub team 1 meeting 8/13 General meeting 8/13 Presentations Week 4 8/14

Goals for the upcoming week: -Learn how a pitch deck works/what it is -Do my own research to have a greater understanding of it -Ensure that I create a good summary of all of our presentations without including too much information, and without dropping anything that would make it confusing for viewers


  • Decided on the terms of blogging as an off page SEO strategy, including doing it weekly and having it being written from different perspectives (interns, leads, Stephanie and Deb)
  • Researched an uncommon social media platform to market off of
  • Developed a plan to market STEM Away on Reddit by creating a subreddit, Q&A threads, and by using insightful comments on STEM and internship related posts to indirectly market ourselves
  • Created questions and collaborated with Chhavi on choosing the right ones for a customer survey
  • Created the customer survey in Google Forms
  • Explained the need for keywords and how to properly choose them to my group without having any prior knowledge of the technique
  • Researched the competition levels, search rates, and bid rates of keywords to use for our marketing strategy

Week 5

Things I learned:
-How to create an elevator pitch, learning that it is basically 30 seconds to say what your start up does and to be aspirational. It can be inflated and about what you will be in the future and not currently.
-Ideation process for a startup: Create something that is to solve a current problem, or expands upon a solution to a problem
-The steps in beginning a start up: Ideation, Research, Risk Mitigation, Competitor analysis, Business Planning, Target Market and Market Segmentation Analysis, Operation Model, Financial Projections, Milestones, Team Finding, Prototyping, and Investor Hunting.
-The basics of accounting and corporate finance: definition, the internal and external users, and opportunities
Soft skills
-Conflict resolution
-Public speaking

Gsuite applications (docs, slides, forms, calendar, drive)

-Created a conglomeration of everything that has been learned and created by my team into one final presentation
-Rewrote slides from past presentations
-Assisted in writing an elevator pitch
-Organized sub team meetings
-Revamped my LinkedIn profile to accurately reflect Stephanie’s advice regarding the bio and content

Achievement Highlights:
-Presented a successful pitch deck

-Webinar Ideation 8/18
-Talk with Katherine-The Marketing Guru 8/18
-Starting a Startup 8/19
-Talk with Stephanie-LinkedIn Guru 8/19
-Sub team 1 meeting 8/20
-Accounting and Corporate Finance 8/21
-Presentations Week 5 8/23

-Created professional and friendly relationship with my subteam and lead Vrinda
-Learned different aspects to start-up entrepreneurship despite with no prior knowledge or experience
-Obtained a working knowledge of revenue streams/start-up ideation and marketing campaigns including SEO strategies
-Organized meetings with peers in different time zones
-Updated LinkedIn to represent me in a more personal way
-Created a social media calendar with planned posts and events, as well as actual Instagram and LinkedIn ads
-Clarified any issues with our planned revenue stream

Lastly, I am walking away from this internship not afraid of the business world anymore. It is huge and there is information everywhere, but by going through this process I have seen that it is not that bad when broken down. I have a greater understanding on approaches to the start-up world and that entrepreneurship is not just a job, but a lifestyle.