Certificate of Achievement. Yi Cheryl Chen: Skills, Tasks

Participated in project from Stage 3 to Stage 5 (CST Project Stages)

Technologies & Tools learned and applied

  • Google Cloud Platform -- cloud hosting, Google software tools
  • Google BigQuery -- data analysis platform**
  • BLS.gov -- job and career statistics, data source
  • PostgreSQL -- database management

Soft Skills learned and applied

  • Logical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Willing to learn

Primary Tasks

  1. Researched API data sources and presented in team discussions
  2. Researched database technologies and initiated database schema development
  3. Represented STEM-Away at Santa Clara Convention Event for outreach

Tasks by stage highlighted below:

  • Stage 3: Group Discussion and Assigning Responsibilities
  • (July 2019)
    1. First All-Team Meeting
    2. Assigning Tasks
    3. Researching
      1. Google Cloud Platform
      2. Data sources (API’s)
      3. Database technologies
      4. Web App technologies
      5. Visualization Tools
    4. Team Discussions
      1. Django or Flask (web app)
      2. BLS, CareerOneStop, Indeed API, Glassdoor API, or something else (data sources)
      3. PostgreSQL or mySQL (database)
      4. Data Studio, Pandas, Google API’s, Big Query, a combination, or something else (visualization)

  • Stage 4: Career Fair and The New Asana
  • (July 2019)
    Note: By now the whole team understands STEM-Away’s mission and the details of our specific project. We have researched, discussed, and decided which options suit the project best.
    1. Showcasing STEM-Away at Santa Clara Convention Center
    2. Asana, new project management structure created
    3. Weekly All-Team Meetings

  • Stage 5: Prototyping p.1
  • (August 2019)
    1. Creating the Python-Django virtual environment and web application skeleton
    2. Deploying to GCP
    3. Choosing/Researching visualization chart types
    4. Dashboard UI Prototype
    5. Making a request to BLS API
    6. Weekly All-Team Meetings