Chris_Lee - Machine Learning Pathway


During these last few weeks I have learned the basic understandings of web scraping, BERT, and how to process large amounts of data. I have attended as many workshops and weekly meetings as I could. I have greatly increased my knowledge of machine learning and in addition to following along with my team’s work and examples given by the leads, I have also used this knowledge outside of Stem-Away. I was able to use Selenium and Beautiful Soup to contribute to a project I’m doing for a professor at UVA. Through scraping data from Amazon’s website to gain information, I believe that this has been a successful experience for my future.

In addition, this may be my last week, as I am planning to take part in the July 6th session as a participant (if chosen).

Self Assessment 1:

As an observer, I have been reviewing all the workshops on data scraping and watched videos about the topic. I’m trying to get a better understanding of how to utilize the data scraping tools given to us on a deeper level. For the most part, it has been going well and there aren’t any major complications with my understanding. I am planning to remain an observer for this first session, as I am also working two research jobs, however I will practice what I have learned with personal projects in the meantime.