Core Tenet - Inclusion at the Forefront with STEM Connectivity

Our Philosophy on Broadening the Horizon for All

  • In the ever-evolving world of STEM, diversity initiatives often shine the spotlight on specific minority groups. These invaluable efforts have brought about momentous change. However, an unresolved concern lingers: countless talented individuals, who might not fit into traditional categories, often find STEM doors challenging to open.

Introducing… Emerging STEM Connectivity!

  • Moving beyond just race, gender, or background, this innovative concept zeroes in on an individual’s connectivity to the STEM world, aiming to bridge any divides and champion inclusivity from a fresh perspective. We are working hard to ensure that those at the peripheries of the STEM network are brought to the center, amplifying inclusivity and granting opportunities to those who stand to benefit immensely.

:star: Exclusive Virtual-Internship Team Mentorship

Special mentorship is dedicated to teams that champion inclusivity. To be eligible, teams must include at least three students identified with Emerging STEM Connectivity.

An individual qualifies for Emerging STEM Connectivity if they meet either of the following criteria:

Limited STEM Network:

This applies to individuals with fewer than five meaningful connections in STEM fields. A meaningful connection is defined as someone who can offer career advice, technical guidance, or valuable introductions, and who either genuinely believes in the individual’s potential or is offering a paid service. Examples of such connections include:

  • Professors, academic supervisors, or other educational contacts who support and recognize the student’s capabilities in STEM.
  • Collaborators or contacts from professional STEM settings or industry organizations who provide valuable introductions, advice, or technical guidance.
  • Accomplished STEM professionals within the family or extended network who genuinely believe in the individual’s potential and can offer both advice and introductions.
  • Connections via a paid service who can offer valuable guidance and introductions.

Regional STEM Access Barriers

This pertains to individuals from regions or countries with limited access to global STEM opportunities or networks.

With this criterion, we aim to identify and support those who might have had fewer opportunities to connect within the STEM community, thereby broadening the horizon for diverse talents.

Note 1

Every team qualifies for mentorship! Teams that excel in inclusivity and adhere to the Emerging STEM Connectivity criteria will receive additional, exclusive mentorship opportunities.

Note 2

To be considered for a team, every member must first successfully navigate the pre-internship training and evaluation available via the AI Project Engine.

:key: Charting a Future of Fairness and Connectivity in STEM

  • We’re strategizing a future where STEM inclusivity thrives on fairness and shared enthusiasm. While existing diversity strategies remain pivotal, our approach heralds a new era of holistic inclusion. Encouraging individuals to self-identify based on their unique experiences, we’re celebrating personal stories and fostering a collective endeavor.

  • Central to our vision is the power of connectivity and collaborations, emphasizing the pivotal role of networks. We’re not merely giving voice; we’re crafting bridges, firm in the belief that with community spirit as our backbone, the future of STEM is boundless.

  • As we move forward, those identified with Emerging STEM Connectivity aren’t sidelining other deserving STEM enthusiasts. By offering free mentorship to inclusive teams, we’re spotlighting the significance of diversity. But every individual remains integral to our community, and this initiative is just one of the many ways we’re enhancing collaborative learning.

STEM-Away® Collaborations

You’ve heard of Kaggle Competitions. Now come witness the transformative power of STEM-Away® Collaborations. Regardless of your starting point—Emergent or Thriving—participation will elevate your STEM Connectivity to the next level.

:seedling: So, are you ready to forge ahead into a STEM landscape abundant with inclusivity and connections? Your journey, your challenges, and your dreams are pivotal. We’re here, supporting and guiding, every twist and turn of the way.