EduSTEM Bioinformatics: Introduction

About EduSTEM Bioinformatics

Ayush Noori

Welcome to EduSTEM Bioinformatics! This course is part of the EduSTEM Biology sequence, which has been designed for motivated middle school and high school biology students.

This course will guide you on introductory explorations of both basic and advanced bioinformatics and computational modeling analyses. The advent of increasingly powerful computational techniques has revolutionized biological inquiry, granting researchers the ability to probe questions of colossal scale and importance. Exploring the field of bioinformatics and engaging in computational work is requisite to any thorough biological education. Via forays into specific bioinformatics topics, you will be encouraged to develop your computational skills and foster your love for biology.

Selected materials have been been developed in collaboration with the Yu-Shan Lin Laboratory at Tufts University. We are grateful to Dr. Yu-Shan Lin for her support, as well as Brian Mernoff, a chemistry teacher at Medford High School, and two undergraduate students, Zach Graziano and Arya Mekkat in the YSL group who developed the original modules…

With these courses, we hope to further our mission to make high-quality STEMX education accessible for all. For questions or support, please feel free to reach out to me at

Best Regards,

Ayush Noori

EduSTEM Boston Chapter Founder


  1. NCBI PubMed

The premier source of past and present medical literature. Most supplemental information in Extensions is available via PubMed. When searching PubMed, be sure to use the “Free full text,” and “Sort by: Best Match” filters to find relevant and accessible results.

  1. RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB)

A large database of useful 3D structures of large biological molecules, including proteins and nucleic acids. Use the search bar to find a molecule of interest, which can then be examined using the Web-based 3D viewer.