Farhana Tanee Self-Assessment Summer 2023

Project Title:

AI Code Assistants


A collaborative learning experience to advance UX/UI skills while contributing to the creation of a info hub platform on AI Code Assistants.


UX/ UI and Machine Learning & Data Mining

Mentor Chains® Role:


Goals for the Internship:

  1. Gain more knowledge about UX/UI design and apply the learned skills towards a project
  2. Collaborate with cross functional teams to enhance my soft skills related to team work and collaboration
  3. Increase my knowledge on AI Code Assistants

Be concise. Draw people in. Have 5 goals max.

Achievement Highlights:

  1. Collaborated with UX team to compose user survey and interview guide
  2. Worked in agile sprints to assist with website content selection, and information architecture
  3. Learned how to use Softr and increased knowledge of UX/UI specific terms

Be concise. Draw people in. Have 5 highlights max

Challenges Faced:

  1. I had a lack of experience initially working with Softr
  2. Coordinating meetings with teams from different time zones

Detailed Statement:

In my role as a UX/UI participant, my responsibilities included devising a user survey and interview guide, determining website content and information architecture, and working closely with the machine learning team to bridge the gap between design and functionality.

Throughout the project, I achieved several goals. I was able to significantly expand my skills in UX/UI design, gaining proficiency in user persona development, creating user interview guides, and crafting effective data visualizations. This project also allowed me to gain exposure to new tools such as Airtable and Softr, while also allowing me to work in agile sprints with cross functional teams. Overall, this project was a valuable learning experience that enriched my skills in UX/UI design and highlighted the importance of effective collaboration.

STEM-Away Certificate for Farhana Tanee.pdf (665.2 KB)