Fay Elhassan Self-Assessment Summer 2023

Project Title:

AI Code Assistants - Empowering Developers


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Machine Learning Models

Mentor Chains® Role:

Principal/Machine Learning Technical Lead

Goals for the Internship:

  • Gain comprehensive exposure to diverse machine learning products and algorithms.
  • Implement robust data cleaning and preprocessing techniques.
  • Conduct in-depth user engagement analysis to improve product effectiveness.
  • Participate in the end-to-end AI development cycle, particularly integration and deployment.
  • Enhance security measures and scalability during the chatbot deployment.

Achievement Highlights:

  • Successfully led a group of 10 interns with skill levels ranging from beginner to low intermediate, fostering an environment of growth and learning.
  • Achieved comprehensive data extraction across multiple online platforms.
  • Developed an unsupervised sentiment analysis model.
  • Created a personalized recommendation system.
  • Transformed the chatbot into a multifunctional tool.
  • Successfully deployed the system on Streamlit.

Challenges Faced:

  • Navigating platform-specific data access restrictions.
  • Managing team dynamics with diverse expertise levels.
  • Coordinating frequent retrospective meetings.
  • Ensuring a user-friendly deployment on Streamlit.
  • Handling the technical demands of deploying on AWS.

Detailed Statement:


In my role as the Principal/Machine Learning Technical Lead for the AI Code Assistants project, I have undertaken a multifaceted leadership position that encompasses various aspects of machine learning, data processing, recommendation systems, sentiment analysis, chatbot development, and collaboration with AWS, GPT, and the web team. This report outlines the project’s progress, achievements, challenges faced, and the strategic direction we have pursued.

Goals for the Internship:

  • Exposure to Diverse Machine Learning Products and Algorithms:
    One of the primary objectives of this internship is to provide interns with exposure to a wide range of machine learning products, algorithms, and techniques. Interns will have the opportunity to work with various machine learning models, including supervised and unsupervised learning, natural language processing (NLP), recommendation systems, sentiment analysis, and more. This exposure will enable interns to gain a comprehensive understanding of different AI technologies and their applications.

  • Data Cleaning and Preprocessing:
    Ensuring the quality and consistency of data obtained from various sources is a crucial aspect of this project. Interns will be responsible for implementing robust data cleaning and preprocessing techniques to handle noise, missing values, and format inconsistencies in the scraped data. This will involve tasks such as text normalization, removing duplicates, handling special characters, and ensuring data integrity to improve the accuracy of the recommendation chatbot.

  • User Engagement Analysis:
    To measure the effectiveness of the AI recommendation chatbot, it’s essential to track user engagement and satisfaction. Interns will work on implementing analytics and tracking mechanisms to monitor user interactions, user feedback, and the success rate of recommendations. By analyzing user behavior and feedback, interns will contribute to improving the chatbot’s performance and enhancing the user experience.

  • Integration and Deployment:
    Another critical goal is to expose interns to the entire AI development cycle, from data collection to deployment. Interns will participate in integrating the AI recommendation chatbot into relevant platforms and systems. This involves deploying the chatbot on user-friendly interfaces and ensuring it can seamlessly interact with users on platforms like Facebook, websites, or dedicated applications. Additionally, interns will gain experience in implementing security measures to protect user data and ensuring the chatbot’s scalability to handle a growing user base.

Achievement Highlights:

  • Extracting Extensive Data from Various Platforms:
    Successfully collecting a substantial volume of data from various platforms, including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit), Q&A sites (Quora, Stack Overflow), content sharing platforms (YouTube, Medium), and collaboration tools (Slack, GitHub). This achievement demonstrated adept navigation of complex web interfaces, ensuring data integrity, and extracting valuable insights from diverse content sources.

  • Unsupervised Sentiment Analysis:
    Development and refinement of models for unsupervised sentiment analysis, enabling automatic sentiment analysis of text data across multiple platforms without the need for labeled training data. This capability has provided valuable insights into user sentiment.

  • Recommendation System:
    Development of recommendation algorithms that leverage user behavior and preferences to provide personalized recommendations. This enhancement has significantly improved user engagement and satisfaction with the AI recommendation chatbot.

  • Chatbot for Search and Discovery:
    Transformation of the chatbot into a powerful tool for search and discovery, allowing users to find relevant content, answers to their questions, and discover new resources across multiple platforms. This feature has greatly enhanced the chatbot’s utility and user experience.

  • Deployment on Streamlit:
    Successful deployment of the chatbot recommendation system on Streamlit, providing users with a user-friendly and accessible interface for interacting with the AI Code Assistant. This achievement enhances the overall usability and accessibility of the system, making it a valuable tool for developers and users across various platforms.

Challenges Faced:

Our journey was marked by several challenges, each met with determination and innovative solutions:

  • Platform-Specific Challenges:
    • Challenge: Understanding the intricacies of data structures and access limitations across various platforms.
    • Solution: Comprehensive platform-specific research, adaptation, and innovative data extraction methods to address challenges on each platform.
  • Team Dynamics and Varied Expertise:
    • Challenge: Managing a diverse team with varying levels of expertise and knowledge resources.
    • Solution: Effective communication, mentorship, and tailored guidance to ensure team cohesion and learning opportunities for all members.
  • Retrospective Meetings and Scheduling:
    • Challenge: Scheduling and conducting retrospective meetings twice a week for reflection and improvement.
    • Solution: Careful planning, coordination, and commitment to maintaining regular retrospective meetings to foster continuous improvement.
  • Deployment on Streamlit:
    • Challenge: Deploying the chatbot recommendation system on Streamlit for user-friendly access.
    • Solution: Thorough research and development to ensure a seamless deployment process on Streamlit, optimizing the user interface.
  • Deployment on AWS:
    • Challenge: Deploying the chatbot and related systems on AWS for scalability and reliability.
    • Solution: Detailed planning and execution of the deployment process on AWS to ensure the system’s scalability and robustness.

Strategic Direction and Ongoing Work:

Our journey has been fruitful, but it’s just the beginning. As we move forward, our focus remains on developing an AI Code Assistant that not only aids developers but also offers insights into the world of AI code assistants. We continue to refine our recommendation system, chatbot, and sentiment analysis models while ensuring seamless integration into various platforms. Collaboration with the web team, ongoing mentorship sessions, and consultations are integral components of our strategy for future success.


Our accomplishments in the domains of unsupervised sentiment analysis, recommendation systems, chatbot development, and collaboration with AWS, GPT, and the web team are significant milestones in our journey. These achievements have not only improved the functionality of our AI Code Assistant project but have also positioned us to continue delivering valuable insights and assistance to developers and users across various platforms. We look forward to further innovation and growth in the exciting field of AI code assistants.

STEM-Away Certificate for Fay Elhassan.pdf (691.3 KB)