Final Self Assessment - Sharva Santhakumar (Hardware Engineering Session 1)

I have learned a lot about Hardware engineering throughout the internship. I began the internship as a Project Management Lead which basically meant that I make sure the project is on track to be finished before the deadline. In the beginning stages of the project, we first learned everything that we were going to use in the project. This included the Pynq board, Jupyter, and other software that we would be using. After learning the basics, we looked at code already made in Jupyter and tested that code to see if it was working properly with our hardware set up. For this, we had to connect the Pynq board to our computer and our network, so it could get global or local data.

Once we got a clear understanding of how everything works, we began the project. I came up with the idea to split our group in half, so then we could easily work together even with time zones. Our group decided to create a pokedex that could identify an animal when seen through a camera. So, we first created an index where we added details about various animals. Then we began creating the code that would identify the animal when seen. After many days of building and testing the code, our code was finished.

In this project, I learned many things and found out new skills that I had as well. I first of all learnt many new things about hardware engineering that I had not know before and also got an almost hands-on experience with hardware engineering as well. As the project management lead, I learnt that leading in tough. It was even tougher keeping everyone on track to finishing the project on time over this quarantine period. Because of this, the project did not end up getting finished and just got continued into session 2. I decided to stay in session 2 and get to see the project finished and functional.