Full Stack - Level 1 - Self Assessment - Jonathan Hung

Self Assessment

1- Overview

Technical Area:

  • Learned about the installation process of Discourse in macOS
  • Learned about using the command line
  • Learned about different libraries used in the installation process
  • Learned basic Ruby syntax


  • Youtube
  • Discourse forum
  • STEM-Away forum
  • Stack Overflow
  • Github
  • Discourse

Soft Skills:

  • Learned to troubleshoot and debug errors in the command line with the Discourse installation
  • Learned about ways to solve problems (and where to find help) during installation processes
  • Learned more about open-source code and help forums

2- Achievement Highlights

  • Installed Discourse in local machine
  • Learned basic Ruby syntax
  • Learned about troubleshooting installation errors

3- Tasks Completed

  • Installed Discourse on local machine. I had different errors with missing libraries and compatibility issues (I needed to change my Ruby version, for example), and I got help solving them by looking for similar situations and their respective solutions (Stack Overflow, Github, etc.) and asking questions in forums.
  • Gained more understanding of Ruby syntax. I could understand more the purpose of Ruby and its syntax, and relate it to the concepts of programming (on Java) that I already had.