Full Stack - Level 2 Module 2 - Nhien Lam

1. Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Area

    • Installed Discourse
    • Looked through Discourse codebase and learned the basic structure of how things are setup
    • Learned how Ember JS works
    • Learned SCSS
  • Tools

    • Visual Studio Code
    • Linux Ubuntu
    • Trello
  • Soft Skills

    • Planning
    • Time management
    • Research
    • Trouble-shooting

2. Achievement Highlights

  • Successfully installed and learned the structure of Discourse’s codebase
  • Learned Ember JS and Ember CLI using the provided Ember Guide and other Youtube videos
  • Learned SCSS using the SCSS Guide

3. Statement of Tasks Completed

  • Attended Weekly Kick-off meetings hosted by Keegan and Bijay to learn more about Discourse and Trello
  • Learned Structure of Discourse’s codebase and how the Discourse Tech Stack works
  • Installed Ember CLI, setup workspace, and practiced Ember JS following the Ember Guide

4. Goals for the upcoming week

  • Be more active in team meetings
  • Learn how Discourse Themes work and how to create a simple theme
  • Learn more about browser developer tools