Harshit_Aggarwal - UX & UI Pathway


This is my first self assessment. I have attended every meeting so far and learned a lot over the past two weeks. I am glad that I have decided to explore UX/UI design as it has proven to be valuable skill.

Things I have learned so far:

  • User research through creating stakeholder and empathy maps
  • Learned how to collect and analyze qualitative data to create personas
  • Learned how to use low-fidelity wire framing tools such as Balsamiq
  • Working and collaborating with others to brainstorm ideas and planning next steps

Three achievement highlights:

  • Successfully was able to identify key issues with the design of the landing page of the STEM-Away website
  • Gained valuable experience and insight into key UX Research & Design processes that are commonly used
  • Able to create new connections and experiences through meetings and social events

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • My goal for the next week is to be able to learn how to properly use low- and high-fidelity UX Design tools such as Balsamiq, Figma, etc.
  • Set up wire frame and prototype designs for the communication channel and homepage of STEM-Away website

Detailed statement of tasks done:
For the past two weeks, as a participant of UX Team 3, we have performed User Research in-depth to identify key problems and issues users might have with the STEM-Away interface. We did this by interviewing those near us as they were using and performing specific tasks on the website. We also explored the stakeholders involved with the website. After that, we interviewed those who were apart of STEM-Away to tell us about their thoughts and attitude towards the website. After compiling and analyzing all of that information, we created personas to identify key users that will be using the website and help us make important decisions while designing the pages. Recently, we learned about wire framing using tools such as Balsamiq and Figma.