HasinAnik - UX & UI Pathway

Session: Week 1 - Week 5

I am the Project Management Lead for UX Team 1. However, the other two Team leads and I decided to not discriminate against any work based on roles. Instead, we all did all the work from different leadership roles to get the best of the leadership experience

Technical Areas:

  • Introduction to UX.
  • Review of Bad UX Designs
  • Design Thinking
  • UX Research and Interview
  • Task Flow chart
  • Stakeholders Map
  • Identifying Confirmation Bias
  • Affinity Map, Empathy Map & Personas
  • Low-Fidelity & High-Fidelity Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Visual Designs (High-fi Prototype)


  • STEM-Away forum
  • Slack
  • Mural
  • G-Suite
  • Google Hangouts


  • We did a lot of ice-breakers the first 2 weeks to make them feel comfortable and get them used to participate.
  • Posted important announcements in the STEM-Away forum.
  • Communicated with the team members through the slack channel.
  • Provided feedback on their work.
  • Assigned them homework to get them ready for the next session.
  • Always incorporated activity during each session to always keep them engaged.
  • Constantly provided feedback on their prototypes.
  • Mentored and guided them in every step.

Three Achievements:

  • Successfully lead the team even with several time constraints because of the time zone
  • Get both groups ready to share their experience and every UX tasks they have done in these 5-week internships.
  • Able to provide them with all the components of the UX pathway and made them feel comfortable in their UX Researcher/Designer journey.


  • Watch our two groups presenting their final presentation to the STEM-Away administrators.
  • Hope they will take a bigger UX project in the future.
  • Hope to have a session to have a team bond activity for one last time.

List of Meetings:

  • 7/8 UX Leads meet
  • 7/10 Leadership training
  • 7/14 UX Leads meeting
  • 7/25 UX Team 1 July Meeting
  • 7/16 UX Team 1 July meeting # 1
  • 7/17 UX Team 1 July meeting # 2
  • 7/19 UX Team 1 Lead Discussion
  • 7/20 UX Team 1 Leads meeting
  • 7/22 UX Team 1 July meeting # 3
  • 7/23 UX Team 1 July meeting # 4
  • 7/24 UX Team 1 July meeting # 5
  • 7/27 UX Team meeting #6
  • 7/28 Meeting with UX pathway Leads
  • 7/30 UX Team 1 July meeting # 7
  • 7/30 UX meeting with Benjamin
  • 7/31 UX Team 1 July meeting # 8
  • 8/02 UX Team 1 Leads meeting
  • 8/04 UX Team 1 July meeting # 9
  • 8/04 UX Pathway leads meeting
  • 8/06 UX Team 1 July meeting # 10
  • 8/06 UX Pathway meeting with Benjamin
  • 8/07 UX Team 1 July meeting # 11
  • 8/11 UX Team 1 July meeting # 12
  • 8/13 UX Team 1 July meeting # 13
  • 8/15 UX Team 1 July meeting # 14

Tasks Completed / Hurdles Faced:

  • Started with solving the biggest problem: Timing. Almost all the students in our team are following different time-zones (EST, PST, IST & KST). So, along with the other 2 leads we decided to come up with the best time to have a team meeting together.
  • Week 1: Meet & Greet to get to know everyone. Introduced them to UX Pathway and 5 steps of UX Pathways (Define, Empathize, Ideate, Prototype & testing). Briefly showed them how to work with STEM-Away (going through forums, using DM, add or remove notifications from the profile). Reviewed some of the bad UX designs our participants and observers came up with, Mural session to narrow down our project ideas
  • Week 2: Introduced them to Empathy map, Affinity diagram, Stakeholder’s map and Personas, reviewed their Affinity map and Personas, taught them different types of interviews, ways to come up with good questions and showed them a live mock interview done by us, assigned them to start interviewing different stakeholders to find the exact project our team will take for the July session.
  • Week 3: Used data from the interviews to work on a defined project, divided the team into two groups to tackle each problem. Group 1 decided to work on the groups/categories on the homepage and Group 2 decided to work on the messaging system. Hold a session to give them details about the low fidelity prototype and assigned them to come up with the first draft of the low fidelity prototype.
  • Week 4: Reviewed their first draft of Low-fidelity prototype and gave them feedback to get them ready for a session with Debaleena, Benjamin and the pathway leads to receive more feedback. We helped them to finish their final version of the low-fidelity prototype and provided them a detailed session about high fidelity prototype to get them started.
  • Week 5: Our both groups finished the first version of the High-fidelity prototype. Reserved a session to give them feedback on the High-fi prototype and included some feedback from the pathway leads. We also provided them with some soft skill sessions like connecting with professionals through LinkedIn and create a portfolio.