How to stand out, advice for junior professionals

Don’t do more of the same! If you have been assigned to fix bugs, don’t spend your personal time on fixing a few additional bugs to make an impression. Take the initiative to figure out a different way to make an impact. As an example, add value to the bug tracking system, customize it for your group.

At my first internship, I was asked to setup a test tool. Instead of offering to set-up additional logic design tools, I spent my extra effort on figuring out how the tool worked and was able to significantly improve the test coverage by focusing on some low hanging fruits. I pretty much got an open offer to join at any time!

What task should you pick?

  • Give top priority to visibility . Achievements which are visible to a large group will help you stand out!
  • Can you explain the impact and technical detail in 1 slide or a few sentences? The ability to explain/present your work is as important as the task itself.
  • Is it possible to implement/test your idea on the side before presenting your proposal to your manager? This reduces the risk of not being able to deliver.