I exceeded my own expectations, to be honest (Saad)


It took me from a 0 to a 100 in 3 months! I was exceptional at leading my team, we exceeded all expectations put in front of us. I exceeded my own expectations, to be honest.

This is not just something on your resume. It may look like other places on your resume but when you start talking about this experience in front of employers, they are like wait wait wait…let’s talk about your STEM-Away role. You were an intern and helping six other interns. How did that work? How did you mange tasks? How did you …

I am beyond grateful that I was part of this


It is great to hear this energy and enthusiasm that is grounded in actual experience. I am really excited for what STEM-Away will continue to do.

Individually, I found each speaker to be so articulate, even at the end, when you were speaking about open-ended experiences.