Interested in Data Analysis? Check out Omics

Biomedical sciences is being flooded with big data from Omics technologies such as high throughput DNA/RNA sequencing, genotyping etc. There is a great need for data scientists to analyze data and interpret the results. Statistics, data mining and information modeling skills are required for this area. Skills in R, Python, Hadoop and high-performance computing are also an asset.

Interested in data analysis? Here are a couple of good introductory course on data analysis with R:

And some great overview at:


  • Integrated Omics Analysis | Technology Networks

    Are you seeking practical ways to get hands on experience? It may seem daunting, but don’t hesitate to cold-call professors and offer to volunteer in their labs. (Before you call, do your homework on the best match for your skill set and interests) Most professors are open to student volunteers, and for students, volunteering is an effective, organic way to connect with peers and potential mentors. Volunteering is a great way to get hands on experience, an expanded knowledge base, and increased rates of success in students’ chosen fields.

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