Intro to Machine Learning Algorithms using STEM-Away® forums as a case study. Host: Kunal Singh, Machine Learning at UC Berkeley

STATUS: PAST Recording available below

About this STEMCasts® episode:

Get a grasp of Machine Learning algorithms using examples from the STEM-Away® forum. Don’t miss out on this exciting webinar, a learning resource for upcoming projects on our platform!

Meet Your Instructor:

This STEMCasts® is hosted by Kunal Singh, a Senior at UC Berkeley. Kunal is a member and officer of Machine Learning at Berkeley. He has a passion for Natural Language Processing (NLP), to get computer to process and analyze large amounts of language data. His most recent internship experience was at Primer AI where he designed, implemented, optimized, and productionized NLP-based algorithm for computational storytelling from news events.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Fundamental skills necessary for Machine Learning
  • Popular machine learning algorithms
  • Introduction to deep learning
  • Deep Learning models - BERT, XLNET
  • Identifying and using attributes in models
  • Similarity models - Cosine similarity, KNN model
  • Collaborative filtering
  • Real world case study of applying machine learning algorithms to recommend topics & cluster tags in a forum

Target Audience:

  • High school students and college students interested in machine learning applications.
  • Students with a desire to learn about new algebra concepts and applications to computer engineering will benefit most from this event.

Background required:

  • Linear Algebra
  • Programming in Python
  • Coursera course in Machine Learning is helpful, but not required

STEMCasts® Schedule:

  1. Introduction and Overview of Machine Learning concepts
  2. Collaborative filtering
  3. Introduction to Deep learning
  4. Deep learning models
  5. Using attributes in models
  6. Application of Deep learning to recommend topics in Discourse


How can I confirm that I am signed up for this webinar? I’m very interested!

You will receive a zoom invite by end of day. We love to hear that students are very interested, welcome to STEM-Away :slight_smile:

Will we still be able to ask questions if we choose to sign up for the webinar only?

Yes, you can ask questions using the Q/A feature of the webinar. Your questions will be answered online or live by the webinar host.

In the student interaction video, we will promote you to panelist. Your video (or audio) will be captured in the recording and may be included in the final STEMCast. We respect your privacy. By signing up for the student interaction video, you are giving us permission to include you in the STEMCast.

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Where can I find the recording of this Webinar?

We will have it up shortly, we are ironing out a technical hiccup related to the size of the video. The ML group will be notified once it is up.

The webinar has been uploaded to the category. Once we finish editing it, we will upload to the STEMCasts Library.


I clicked on the link but could not find the recording. Could someone please link it. Also I’m a bit confused on how STEMCasts work, are they like background knowledge for the internship?

I would like to attend this webinar. Seems really interesting!

Hello, I just found this website today and Im not sure how I can sign myself up for this webinar… Could I maybe get further instructions or maybe a link so that I can sign myself up a little faster?

The webinar has already passed but you can still view it in the video that was linked in the post above

how do i join?