IOT Protocols and Implementation - Why should I learn it?

Why should i be interested in Internet of Things ? Let me take a moment to explain what IOT can give us - Imagine a world in which every device in your home, workplace, car, office are connected to each other and can communicate to each other, with your Mobile App. A world where the lights automatically turn on when the car approaches your garage, the Home Alarm turns off when you unlock your door, when the morning alarm goes off and the front door automatically unlocks when approached by a member of the household, but stays locked otherwise. That is the world that the Internet of Things can create. IOT is a network of products that are connected to the Internet. They have their own IP address and can connect to each other to automate simple tasks.

The true value of the Internet of Things is not in turning on the lights in the driveway, when your car reaches home, but rather the data that the connected devices collect about its users in various scenarios.

  • Imagine a hospital with connected devices. The data collected from those devices provides information on the status of patients and runs analytics on the various monitoring machines, helping the hospital to run optimally.

  • Imagine driving a car, where various IOT sensors are ensuring that you are safe in the car, whether it is controlling air bags, auto lights, ABS systems, checking ol, tyre pressure and feeding it in the controls of your car.

The series of blog posts under this heading, tries to give more details on the protocols involved in IOT, especially, the protocol that is involved in transport of data between IOT devices and then shows an example of how easily you can make such a client IOT device talk to another client, that could be an Android App.