Isha - Bioinformatics Pathway


  • Technical Area: Created and implemented project management structure for bioinformatics pathway
  • Tools: GSuite, Slack, Asana
  • Soft Skills: Leadership, project management, communication

Achievement Highlights

  1. Directly mentored a diverse team of about 70 Bioinformatics interns of all ages and skillsets in 2 supergroups from all over the world
  2. Created framework for collaboration including shared Google Calendar with meeting links, Google Drive folders for recordings and deliverable uploads, Slack for emergency communications, and Asana for project management
  3. Planned and executed weekly soft skills trainings on topics such as creativity, cultural competency, public speaking, resume-building, LinkedIn, and more.


  • Attended weekly meetings with Mentors, weekend planning meetings for Leads, meetings with interns in both teams twice a week, and weekly Happy Hours for both teams

Tasks Completed:

  • Compiled and presented bioinformatics content with other Leads for Technical Training webinars for all pathway interns
  • Worked with Erin and Annie to ensure a smooth transition from 4 smaller teams into 2 supergroups and create evenly matched subteams that incorporated those who had a strong grasp of the material and those who were just starting out
  • Continually shifted around groups as interns were added or left
  • Fostered a comfortable and warm environment to make interns feel comfortable with asking questions and pushing themselves
  • Implemented weekly surveys to get continual feedback in order to improve interns’ experience
  • Scheduled meetings for Leads on Sundays to plan out the upcoming week’s schedule
  • Devised weekly troubleshooting posts on the STEM-Away forums to encourage participants to answer each other’s questions about the deliverables
  • Came up with and scheduled virtual Office Hours through utilizing breakout rooms on Zoom
  • Engaged interns in this virtual environment through icebreakers and Happy Hours, including a final Happy Hour with both teams