Ishan - Full Stack Pathway

Overview of things learned:

  • Installed Discourse and got familiar with concepts like discourse theme development and Plugin Development.

  • Learned to use Discourse theme CLI and Discourse Theme Creator.

  • Technical Areas: Worked with web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript(Ember.js) for the DIscourse Forum.

  • Tools and S/W used: GitHub, Asana, Discourse Theme CLI, Trello, Google Suite.

  • Soft skills: Organized Meetings and kept track of intern progress. Assigned biweekly tasks to interns helped in clearing their doubts and troubleshooting the difficulties they faced in setting up GitHub and Discourse.


  • Developed a Discourse theme for the STEM-Away website by modifying an existing Fakebook theme.

  • Lead a team of 12 Full Stack interns and performed leadership tasks like giving them weekly objectives, managing their progress, and maintaining the GitHub repository.

  • Added new features like icons and responsiveness elements in the new theme that are not present in the current STEM-Away website.

Meetings Held and Tasks Completed

  • Orientation
  • Familiarising interns with project management tool Asana and Discourse forum.
  • Regular Pathway leads meeting to synchronize progress and assist the other team.
  • Industry mentor meeting to discuss how to move forward and Milestones that can be covered
  • Ruby Task, assignment and using Asana
  • Shifting to Trello and GitHub mini-tasks
  • Brainstorming discourse theme ideas
  • Cloning Fakebook theme and start basic development
  • Dividing team into 3 subgroups and assigning them specific tasks.
  • Weekly Pathway leads checkup
  • Code integration on GitHub
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Preparing for Presentation

Goals for the next week:

  • Wrap up code integration and Presentation and prepare and give the presentation.