J3r3m.y - UX & UI Pathway

I knew nothing about UX design. In this internship, I learned about many things, such as typography and basic design principles, both in online applications and in physical products! I also learned about many helpful tools to go through the design process, such as the collaborative board Miro. I also learned about several different exercises to get the mind working, and learned about techniques on conducting interviews and processing feedback. As an observer, I feel like I learned a ton about what this field is all about!

I was excited to come up with a possible redesign of a TV remote. I also enjoyed giving input into what cluster we would choose. It was also fun to be a part of an interview to better understand the stem away platform.

We have had 9 official meetings, and a few informal social meetings.

My goal for the next week is to better understand UX design and see how we could improve the design of the STEM-away platform.


I had a really fun time learning about UX Design and getting to see first hand how a team would function, diagnosing problems with a website and brainstorming ways to implement changes. It was really interesting to learn about the different tools professionals in the industry use, and little tips about what kind of fonts are best etc. I learned a lot about the process and even more about the foundation principles of UX Design, this internship was beyond valuable to me!