JeremyLiang0105 - Machine Learning Pathway

Technical Area:
I learned how to create a web crawler and got familiar with data learning in python. I also learned about the BERT model by the resources Charlene and Maleeha provided.

Python, Pycharm, Git, Scrapy, Colab, Github, Pandas

Soft Skills:
Worked with people from different time zones and different backgrounds, improved my communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills

Three achievement highlights:

  1. Built the web crawler (HOPSCOTCH) successfully with my partner
  2. Learned how to clean the data by using Python
  3. Got more comfortable with the pace and workload

List of meetings/ training attended including social team events:
Team Meetings:
Attended all team meetings except for 6.10 but watched the recording
Small group meeting with Melissa

Goals for the upcoming week:
Get more work done in time and attended more training sessions

Detailed statement of the task done:

  1. I learned how web scraping work and created a web scraper. The biggest challenge we faced was that we changed the code multiple times and scraped it again we received over 20k entries. Thanks to my partner Geoffrey we successfully figured it out.
  2. I got to know how to do data cleaning in Python. It was another problem we faced in this session. We learned how to fix this issue by watching the data cleaning tutorial video sent by Melissa.
  3. I am going through the tutorials, notebooks, and videos about the BERT model and collecting all information to produce my own note.