Linlin_Li - UX & UI Pathway

Things I learned:

  • · How to use Figma, Mural, such UX tools for designing;
  • · The steps of UX, from making customer persona, interview, to making prototype;
  • · Web design tips such as how to design the website that users like;

My three achievements:

  • · Learned how to use UX tools, especially Figma and Mural;
  • · Learned how to collect user’s data through survey and drawing maps;
  • · Practiced communication and public speaking skill.

List of meeting:
I have attended most of the meetings except June 15, June 22;

My goal:
Get used to using Figma and make design more user friendly

Task done:

  • Made User survey
  • Organize group meeting
  • Make bull-eyes diagrams and customer persona.
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