Machine Learning 3 - Lawrence Nguyen

Soft Skill: Journal Club - Week 1 was mostly about breaking down research papers and extracting information from them. Our group did a journal club and everyone broke down a different aspect to present to each other. This made the entire paper much easier to digest.

Achievements: First real team meetings! Successful communication!! Woowoo!!!

Goals: Figure out how to process a massive dataset efficiently

Tasks done: Read the paper → identified how tech has evolved since its publication → presented findings.

Module 2

In this module, we broke down how to parse through all the papers we need to in the database. I learned how to use the PubMed parser and how to leverage Dask to process the papers in parallel. I also understand how to use the Stanford parser to further break down words and sentences.

Achievements: Processed a small subset of papers using the PubMed parser and sentences using the Stanford parser

Goals: Apply knowledge of Dask to process the entire dataset of PubMed papers.