Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 2 - Dushyant

Overview of things learned:

  1. Technical Area:
  • Learned how to use web scraping tools like BeautifulSoup and Selenium
  • Learned about cleaning data as well as data pre-processing
  • Understood how to store data in a CSV or JSON file
  1. Tools:
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Selenium
  • VSCode
  1. Soft Skills:
  • Gained an understanding of common bugs encountered while web scraping and learned how to debug my code faster using online resources
  • Enhanced my knowledge about HTML, CSS, and XPath


  • Successfully scraped data from the Kubernetes Community Forums
  • Successfully cleaned and pre-processed the scraped data
  • Stored the data into a DataFrame using Pandas and created a .csv file
  • Gained a basic understanding of cosine similarity


  • Picked a community forum from DiscourseHub: Kubernetes
  • Scraped the data from the forum and stored it in a .csv file
  • Performed basic cleaning of the data
  • Performed some basic EDA on the data