Machine Learning Level 1 Module 2 pt 2 Self Assessment

Technical areas:

  • I experimented with multiprocessing and multithreading to speed up the scraping process.
  • I learned the basics of functional programming with Python through the DiscourseHub tutorials.
  • I learned how to use Pandas to process/further clean the csv’s that I have scraped and created.

Tools: VSCode, Jupyter, Selenium, Pandas

Soft skills:

  • I was able to connect with my peers and the project lead better by familiarizing myself with communication tools like Discord, and Groups.
  • I was able to set up Trello and share my progress with the team, and also monitor the pace of development.


  • I generated my own csv using data I scraped from the AutoHotKey forums.
  • I learned how to use Jupyter notebooks, and attempted using Binder.