Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 2 - Sanjit Sarda

Things I learned

Technical Area:

  • Learned the basic concepts of Machine Learning while watching the webinars and from the links under NLP Basic Series.
  • Studied Linear Algebra for machine learning
  • Learned about EDA.


  • Selenium
  • VSCode
  • Jupyter Notebook

Soft Skills:

  • Used Trello for looking at tasks
  • Used Slack and Whatsapp to communicate with teammates.


  • Used Selenium to scrap the MycroftAI Discoursehub.
  • Created a CSV file with the data.

Tasks Completed:

  • Chose MycroftAI to scrape.
  • Scraped using Selenium
  • Created a CSV file with the data
  • Performed EDA on the data.