Machine Learning Level 1 Module 2 Self Assessment

Technical Areas:

  • I learned how to use the Selenium webdriver, and picked up a (very basic) understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • I have a better grasp on BeautifulSoup now, and it has helped me preprocess data better than before.
  • I learned how to generate CSVs from website data.

Tools: VS Code, IDLE, Selenium webdriver

Soft Skills:

  • I got better at finding resources/documentation for the (steadily increasing) Python libraries that the tutorials have introduced me to.

Achievement Highlights:

  • I used the tutorials to scrape data from some of my own old websites.
  • I learned how to use Selenium and Chrome’s inspect feature to extract text data from websites and also interact with some site elements.
  • I got more familiar with HTML, and Python in VSCode and IDLE. I also finally understood how to use pip and how PATH works (this isn’t as important but I’d never quite understood how they actually worked.)