Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 2 - Sihong Yuan

Technical Area:

Learned how to use Beautiful Soup and Selenium

Learned how to use pandas to do data analysis

Learned how to Web Scrape and save data into a csv file

Learned how to do exploratory data analysis

Learned how to do data visualization


Beautiful Soap, Selenium, Jupyter Notebook, pandas, Tableau

Soft Skills:

Web scraping

Exploratory Data Analysis


Successfully scraped data from Flowster Forum

Cleaned the data by getting rid of the html

Did the data visualization on Tableau

Tasks Completed:

Scraped data from Flowster Forum

Explored my data after gathering it and analyzed it

Performed basic cleaning to remove html tags from data


I had trouble saving the data into a csv file. I used the chromedriver and put it in the right path, however, jupyter notebook said that the chromedriver needed to be in the right path.

I struggled because I never had experience with web scraping. I did a lot of research on stack flow and youtube to solve my problems I met during the work.