Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 4 - Sachitt Arora

Technical Area:

  • Learned how to train BERT, xlnet, roberta, distilbert models using the Simple Transformers library
  • Was able to combine various models such as BERT and Random Forest and see their overall effectivness.
  • Learned how BERT operates and how it can function


  • Simple Transformers
  • tokenizers
  • Docker
  • SKlearn
  • Jupiter Notebook

Achievement Highlights:

  • Was able to train various models and see what their relative efficiencies were.
  • Tried using different types of data, such as cleaned, cleaned, and not cleaned, to see which one was more effective.
  • Tried dockerization of ML App with the advanced models → currently still having issues with this and is one of my main challenges.


  • As the modules are becoming more complicated, a better understanding of the ins and outs of machine learning is needed to progress. Even though I had a lot of trouble at first, I was eventually able to obtain the knowledge I needed to complete this module.