Machine Learning Level 1 Module 4 Self Assesment- Serafina Alhadad

Technical Area:

  • I learned about how to train BERT and such using the Simple Transformers Library.
  • Tried out other advanced models like: ['xlnet', 'xlm', 'roberta', 'distilbert']
  • Learned how to install packages and work around debugging issues
  • Learned what BERT does and how it can be implemented.


  • Simple transformers
  • torch
  • sklearn
  • Jupiter Notebook

Soft Skills:

  • Improved my Jupiter Notebook skills and how to navigate it
  • Learned how to debug issues using different platforms on Google
  • Communcating with my group and leader more efficiently


  • I was able to install packages after figuring out why they were not downloading properly on my computer
  • Used the various packages to build and dockerize ML App by training my advanced models

Challenges: Still trying to understand the relation between this module and module 3