Machine Learning- Level 1- Session 2- ayosef


  1. Technical Area:
    • Basic Python memory refresh
    • HTML Web Pages breakdown
    • Scraping basics using beautiful soup and selenium

  1. Tools:
    • Jupyter Notebooks
    • Github
    • Python, HTML, CSS basics
    • Scrapy, Beautiful Soup and Selenium
    • Trello and JIRA

  1. Soft Skills:
    • Participated in weekly team meetings and daily scrum meeting through the discord channel
    • Collaborated with team mates on understanding the concepts

  1. Tasks Completed:
    • Scraped the PyTorch forums successfully and saved them into a CSV file.
    • Joined the team Github repository and uploaded my work.

Goals for Next Week: * Start doing EDA with my data * Start working on Module 3 as it is the core to this project.