Machine Learning Module 2 Self Assesment- Serafina Alhadad

Technical Areas:

  • Learned minimal HTML and extracting components with Beautiful Soup
  • Learned to understand EDA


  • VS Code
  • BeautifulSoup, Excel,CSV, Requests -Git / GitHub: *** user: sba45

Soft Skills:

  • doing research to find errors and solve the confusion
  • using google, tutorials, etc
  • taking notes and screenshots where I am struggling

3 Achievement Highlights:

  • used Sara’s code to test my code out alone

  • converted into a CSV file Scraped a discussion board and was able to read the messages into a CSV file

  • Got more familiar with using BeautifulSoap and CSV in python, VS Code, and got more familiar with HTML Tasks Completed:

  • Picked a specific community to use(commonground)

  • Getting familiar with the HTML tags in the inspect

  • converting into a CSV file

  • tested out my software using Sara’s tutorials

What I need help in:

  • actually doing it myself; I feel that I am not fully grasping the concept of web scraping and I will be doing more independent research alone, however, I learn better with a group and pick up on things that others teach me, so hopeful when we work together and more collaboratively, I can get all my questions answered.

Where do I send the CSV code?