Machine Learning Session 1 - Asritha Bobbala

Technical Areas:

  • Learned about what NLP is and how we will be able to do it from the Discourse forums in the project
  • Got familiar with basic data preprocessing methods and installing libraries
  • Got familiar with Git and GitHub
  • Learned about some basic python commands and HTML formatting


  • Python
  • Scrapy
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Jupyter Notebook

Soft Skills:

  • Gained a better understanding of Machine Learning, NLP, and Git and GitHub


  • From watching the first four videos listed in the module, I believe I got a pretty deep understanding of how this project will play out from learning about how NLP is relevant in today’s world to trying out a simple scraper on the quotes web page
  • Before working on the module, I didn’t know what NLP is and now that I have a thorough understanding of it, I can move on with the next steps keeping in mind the purpose and end goal of the project
  • I didn’t have much experience with Python but I’m gradually getting the hang of it after following along with the quote scraper from the Intro to Web Crawling/Data Scraping by Maleeha Imran
  • I followed along with the git and GitHub training videos and now have a good understanding of how I can work together with my team using the recommended Visual Studio Code where I can call commands to edit, push, and pull code


  • Watched the webinars listed
  • Installed all the needed platforms and libraries to get started
  • Practiced scraping on the quotes site and some Discourse forums
  • Followed along in the git and GitHub training