Maleeha_imran - Machine Learning Pathway

Name: Maleeha Imran

Team: ML Team 4
Role: Technical Lead

Overview of Things Learned:

Technical Area: Learned how to create containers with Docker, how to integrate Docker with AWS

Tools Used: Colab, Git, BeautifulSoup4, Scrapy, DistilBert, AWS, Docker

Soft skills: Learned how to communicate effectively within a team and improved skills in teaching/mentoring students. I feel I have a much better understanding of when to let participants go and work independently to try and solve issues and when to step in as a lead.

Achievement Highlights:

Understood and explained concepts relating to Docker, AWS, and deploying machine learning models

Gained a better overall understanding on how to conduct and complete machine learning projects end to end

Helped troubleshoot issues with participants in 1:1 meetings

List of Meetings Attended:

  • attended majority of team meetings that were held 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • attended majority of team lead meetings (held after team meetings)