Mmeganc - Vaping Detection & Mitigation Pathway

Self Assessment Megan Chan Vaping Project 3/8/20

Technical Area:

  • I sent out the survey to friends and tried to get as many responses.
  • Was more informed about vaping and FPGAs
  • Installed Quartus and files
  • Learned about Intel , watched videos, Trello, Slack
  • Created an Linkedin Account
  • Became more familiar with Stem-Away website

Soft Skills:

  • Learning through virtual meetings
  • Communication through virtual meetings/emails/happy hour

Three Achievements:

  • Trying to catch up on three weeks of work
  • Attending most of the meetings
  • Working my head around the software - eg Quartus and files

Goals for upcoming week:

  • To meet and work with my group (team 4)
  • discover more intel training videos
  • learn to use excel

What I did this week:

  • Went to Office Hours when I had questions- they were extremely useful
  • Yesterday I learned about the HALO IOT detector when other subteams were presenting
  • Learned about Flysense detector when other teams were presenting. Was extrremely interesting and useful especially when my subteam are also doing this detector.

Megan Chan - Vaping Pathway - Self Assessment
Self Assessment 8/8/20 Megan Chan Vaping Pathways

Technical Area:

  • Learned much more about Flysense Vaping Detector, its components, structure, how it works, benefits, flaws and improvements of the system.
  • Learned how to access/use excel
  • Compared survey results, analysed data, interesting/unusual responses, worked on powerpoint,
  • Quartus Logic Trainer Quiz
  • Became more familiar with Slack and communicated with member of my team

Google Drive, Quartus, gmail, whatsapp, google meets, google calendar, google slides, stemaway forum, Slack, Trello

Soft Skills:

  • Organised a google meeting on friday with my subteam (Team 4 and 5) to discuss presentation and meet
  • Communicated through whatsapp with my team to organise and divide up tasks for Week 3 deliverables
  • Updated my Linkedin account and made connections with stemaway interns

Three Achievements

  • We communicated and worked well as a team and improved my communication and organisation skills
  • Finally got my camera and mic working on google meeting. I learned how to use google calendar to host and organise meetings with my team
  • Improving my FPGA training and become more familiar with Quartus programme

Meetings attended:
3/8/20 team meeting
6/8/20 FPGA training
met with team 4/5 to discuss presentation
7/8/20 Presentations
8/8/20 coteam meeting

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Attend a Happy Hour
  • Complete week 4 delivarables
  • Attend more FPGA trainings and become more comfortable with Quartus

#teamwork #selfassessment #teambuilding #vaping #communication #leadership

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Megan Chan - Vaping Pathway - Self Assesment Week 5 16/08/20

Technical Area:

  • Learned more about the Flysense Vaping detector block diagram.
  • Downloaded Trello on my phone to improve organisation skills and tick off tasks
  • Learned about how to reduce vaping in general, how to limit purchases of vapes near schools and problems associated with vaping
  • Caught up on last Thursdays FPGA trainings and watched last Mondays presentation.
  • Did Milestones post

Google Drive, Quartus, gmail, whatsapp, google meets, google calendar, google slides, stemaway forum, Slack, Trello

Soft Skills:

  • Getting to know my team better through virtual meetings and whatsapp
  • Becoming more confident presenting myself to the Vaping teamon google meets
  • Communicating well with my team, dividing up tasks, being responsive and in touch

Three Achievements:

  • My team presented week 3 and 4 deliverables, it went very well
  • Completing tasks on time
  • Catching up on this weeks work

Meetings attended:

  • watched videos uploaded on google drive - presentations monday 10/8 and FPGA trainings 13/8
  • 15/8 coteam meeting

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Improve technical skills
  • Read the IntroLab Remote board manuel
  • Attend all meetings and completing all tasks on time
  • Complete week 5 deliverables and start working on week 6

#communication #teambuilding #teamwork #vaping #selfassessment #organisationskills #presentationskills

Megan Chan - Vaping Pathway - Self Assessment Week 6 25/08/20

Technical Area:

  • Wrote a formal report - Suggestions how to reduce vaping and mitigation plan - how one can limit use of vaping device, how to limit purchases of vapes near schools and affect demographics, its challenges.
  • Presented week 6 and 7 deliverables
  • Learning more about FPGAs and Intel
  • Watched meeting with flysense on drive
  • Learning more about detectors in more detail and analyzing survey results from the other groups

Soft skills:

  • Communicated and worked extremely well with my new subteam - suggestions team through virtual settings
    *Checking stemaway website and emails regularly, being in touch,
  • Improving my presentation and teambuilding skills

Three achievements

  • Completed a formal report with my team.
  • Presenting week 5 and week 6 deliverables
  • Being organised and completing tasks on time.

Meetings attended

  • watched video uploaded on google drive - Meeting with mandy and flysense 21/8
  • presentations 17/8
  • FPGA meeting 20/8
  • coteam meeting 22/8
  • presentation 24/8

Goals for the upcoming week

  • complete and present final presentation
  • Less text on the slides- more focused bulletpoints when presenting
  • become more familiar with different time zones

Final Self Assessment Megan Chan Vaping Pathway Week 7

Technical Area

  • Learned about FPGAs, Quartus and files,watched intel videos, logic trainer,
  • Created Trello, Slack, Linkedin accounts
  • Learned about Halo and Flysense detectors in detail - its components, structure, flaws, strengths, improvements, block diagrams
  • Learned how to write a formal report - suggestions how to reduce vaping and implementation plan
  • analysing survey data
  • Learned about the challenges of quitting vaping, how to reduce it, the health risks and how it affects students today.

Soft Skills

  • Communicated extremely well with my team members through virtual settings and we worked well
  • Made connections through Linkedin
  • Improving organisation skills completing tasks on time getting my part done
  • Improving presentation skills and confidence


  • Google drive, quartus, gmail, google slides, google docs, whatapp, google calendar, stemaway forum, slack, trello, linkedin, google meets,

Three achievements:

  • Technical work
  • Completed all deliverables on time and working well with my team
  • Completing and presenting the final presentation

Meetings attended this week:

  • 24/8 presentations
  • watched FPGA training 27/08 on google drive
  • 28/8 final presentions