Mohammed_Sami - Machine Learning Pathway

Overview of things learned:
* Technical Area: I’ve learned the meaning of web scraping and the purpose it serves, how to create a simple web crawler/spider, and a deep take into using Github.
* Tools: I’ve learned how to use scrapy, BeautifulSoup, and Selenium. I’ve also learned how to work with Asana and Slack.
* Soft skills: I’ve learned the importance of reaching out to team leaders when confused and how easy and efficient it is to contact them.

Three Achievement Highlights:
* I’ve scraped data from quotes.toscrape to get a good feel of how to use the new packages.
* I’ve set up all accounts and forms of communication and team organizing tools needed for optimizing communication efficiency.
* I’m in the process of getting comfortable with the new tools such as lower-casing and stop words etc.

List of Meetings Attended:
* I’ve attended all team meetings expect for the one on June 3rd
* I’ve attended the Git Webinar

Upcoming Goals:
* My upcoming goals are to become more comfortable with using all the tools to their full potential and begin mining for the intended project.

* Data Scraping: used BeautifulSoup to organize data.
* I’ve had trouble getting used to the syntax but the Technical Deep Dive on data mining helped me understand much better.