Ninjajason77 - Full Stack (Level 2) Pathway

1. Overview

  • Technical Area
    • Set up WSL and installed Discourse
    • Learned basic Ruby syntax, classes, objects, functions
    • Learned the meaning of open-source software
    • Reviewed and practiced command-line basics
    • Reviewed and practiced Git commands
  • Tools
    • Git, GitHub
    • Visual Studio Code
  • Soft Skills
    • Self-organizing
    • Time management

2. Achievement Highlights

  • Installed Discourse
  • Learned Ruby syntax
  • Refreshed memory of Git commands

3. Statement of Tasks Completed

  • Successfully installed Discourse on Mac. Faced a few issues because of missing gems. Resolved problem by download a different version of Ruby
  • Familiarized myself with STEM-Away forum (still need to work on)

1. An Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Areas

    • Learned about how Discourse themes and theme components work
    • Refreshed memory on HTML and CSS
  • Tools

    • VSCode, Terminal, Git, GitHub, Discourse platform

2. Three Achievement Highlights

  • Applied what I learned to develop a Discourse theme for my local Discourse forum
  • Refreshed my knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Made changes and previewed my Discourse theme on the Theme Creator site

3. Tasks completed

  • Finished reading the “Developer’s guide on Discourse Themes”
  • Developed a simple Discourse theme and previewed changes on my local Discourse

4. Goals for next week

  • Work on my discourse theme to add more features
  • Work on Module 4

Module 2 Overview of what I learned:

  • Technical Areas: Got familiar with the Ruby syntax

  • Learned how to program in Ruby

  • Watched videos in how to utilize GitHub

  • Read Ember tutorial Three Achievement Highlights:

  • Learned how to program in Ruby

  • Challenges:

  • Had issues with downloading discourse on mac

  • Had issues with testing using Ember

  • Complete Module 3

  • Attend other group meetings

  • Learn more about the discourse development pipeline