Palvi Sabherwal Self-Assessment Summer 2023

Project Title:

AI Code Assistants


A learning experience that allowed me to collaborate with peers all around the globe while improving my technical and interpersonal skills.


UX-UI Design

Mentor Chains® Role:

Project Lead, UX-UI Tech Lead

Goals for the Internship:

  1. Learn more about UX/UI Design.
  2. Collaborate with team members to produce a final project.
  3. Gain experience in project management.

Be concise. Draw people in. Have 5 goals max.

Achievement Highlights:

  1. Organized initial team meetings and contributed to the project framework.
  2. Completed a user experience project demo which was used for the team interview guide and survey questions.
  3. Assisted with the project website.

Be concise. Draw people in. Have 5 highlights max

Challenges Faced:

  1. This was my first experience working in project management and UX/UI Design.
  2. Working with new platforms (Airtable, Softr, etc.)

Detailed Statement:

As the Project Lead for a team focused on creating AI code assistants, I was responsible for overseeing the final product completed by the sub-teams. The project’s primary objective was to harness machine learning analysis for the evaluation of UX data and subsequently build a dynamic web application integrating AWS and GPT APIs. My roles encompassed both technical and managerial facets, ensuring that the project’s vision was realized with precision and excellence.

Throughout the internship, I utilized Airtable, a project management software used for planning, tracking, and ensuring that all tasks were progressing as per schedule. This tool played an important role in organizing tasks, setting strategic deadlines, and overseeing the various moving parts of the project.

As the Tech Lead for the UX/UI design sub-team, I assisted in developing the website on Softr, that showcased our project’s outcomes. I contributed to the UX survey and interview guides, ensuring that the questions and the layout were optimized for collecting meaningful data. I also promoted the survey crafted by our team, ensuring widespread participation.

I not only improved my technical skills in areas like UI/UX design and project management but also refined my capabilities in team management, communication, and strategic planning. This comprehensive experience gave me the opportunity to lead a successful tech project while navigating the various challenges that arose.

STEM-Away Certificate for Palvi Sabherwal.pdf (688.5 KB)