Presentation to to Jayati Ghosh, R&D Director Diagnostics & Genomics Group at Agilent

Bioinformatics Pipeline applied to Transcriptomics: From Quality Control to Functional Analysis

Learn the fundamental skills necessary and develop a passion for future explorations in bioinformatics.


Bioinformatics Project_ Level 1.pdf (5.2 MB)



  • Bioinformatics Pipeline Steps: Quality Control, Differential Gene Analysis, Functional Analysis, Survival Analysis
  • R Packages: SimpleAffy, affyQCReport, affyPLM, Limma, EnricGO, EnrichKEGG
  • Bioinformatics Tools: EnrichR, David, Metascape, STRING DB, GSEA, GEPIA
  • Understanding scientific papers
  • Project Management, Virtual Collaboration, Teamwork, Technical Presentation, Time Management and much more
  • Leadership & Mentoring (leads)
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