Rahooligan - Machine Learning Pathway

Rahul Jain
Team 5
Project Management Lead


Technical Skills: Variations of BERT (e.g. BiSon), Amazon Web Services

Tools: Trello, Slack

Soft Skills: Group management and communication, Task delegation, Pedagogy


  • Took advantage of a virtual setting to connect with people internationally and figure out how to resolve time zone conflicts

  • Learned about group dynamics by delegating new sub-groups each week according to individuals’ performances

  • Heightened my appreciation for project management, which can make or break any project


Week 1 Team meeting (1 hour)
Week 1 Team check-in (1 hour)
Week 2 Team meeting (1 hour)
Week 2 Team check-in (1 hour)
Week 3 Team meeting (1 hour)
Week 3 Team check-in (30 minutes)
Week 3 Office Hours (1 hour)
Week 4 Team meeting (1 hour)
Week 4 Team check-in (30 minutes)
Week 5 Team meeting (1 hour)
Week 5 Team check-in (30 minutes)