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Please Report Technical Issues

Encounter a glitch? Let us know! The first person to report each unique technical issue will be rewarded with our standard package. If the issue is critical, a premium package may also be awarded!

Status Update on Reported Issues

Free Evaluation Attempts Not Functioning Correctly

Reported by one member. Standard package awarded.

What we meant to say: You still need a subscription, but the first two evaluation attempts won’t deduct any tacks from your account.

What we actually said: Two free attempts.

We will honor what we said, two free attempts for all STEM-Away members. Working on the fix. Meanwhile, we’ve allocated 5 tacks to the first 25 applicants so you can start your evaluations.

Update 06/17: We are no longer providing free tacks. But it is extremely easy to earn free tacks!

Multiple Choice Questions Displaying Duplicate Answers

Reported by two members. Standard package awarded to both.

MCQs are generated dynamically from page content. We think the issue maybe related to non-technical replies from project posts being fed into the generation process.

We’ve now disabled replies in that category and are continuing to investigate. If you encounter this issue, please respond to this post with a screenshot or the project name. We’re extending the reward to 5 more reporters.

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Members rewarded: @Samyat_Gautam @Prasun_Sharma