Ronny - Full Stack Pathway

Self assessment 1

  1. Overview of things learned:

    Technical Area: Ruby, PostgreSQL,Git and GitHub, HTML,CSS and JavaScript.

    Tools: GitHub, Slack, G-Suite and Asana.

    Soft Skills: Gained insights about interaction, team management and how to approach and work on task assigned to me.

  2. Achievement highlights:

    • Completed all task the given task on time.

    • Learned more in the past 2 weeks from the training in the Steam-Away platform, different mini task assigned and resources shared with us than in the last few months.

    • Appreciated by Vrinda on quickly setting up a slack channel for the team.

  3. List of meetings/training:

    I have attended attended almost all meetings but I have missed 1 meeting on week 1. Attended all meeting on week 2 including the SCRUM meeting. Week 3 I missed the discourse demo meeting.

    I have gone through all the training videos on the stem away platform which is required for the full stack path.

  4. Goals for the upcoming week:

    Start the task given for discourse.

    Learn Ruby and JavaScript in much more detail.

  5. Detailed statement on task done:

    Ruby - Create a loop and function.

    PostgreSQL - Setup and create and table.

    Layout task - 3 panel layout and rounded corner for blocks. Faced lot of hurdles in CSS which took lot of time to understand and going through lot of videos and other resources online. Vrinda helped and cleared doubts which I encountered during the task. Also various links posted by team members helped a lot.

    Git task:

    • Clone The repo
    • Create your own branch
    • Modify the test file
    • Merge the file
      Hurdles - faced merge conflict which were resolved by going through few articles and videos.
    • Push the code

    Training - Watched the training videos of Ruby, Git, Overview of the Tech Stack required for the internship