Self-Assessments Baig_MuhammadMarzouk

This will cover my weekly self-assessments. I will be sharing how I feel about the progress, learning, team-work, knowledge expansion and communication as I go thought the course of this internship.

Week 2

Tasks Completed:

  1. Installed Discourse on my Local Machine and successfully deployed on localhost:4200

    • Followed the guide provided by team lead, from meta Discourse forum.
    • Installed Windows Subsystem Linux *Installed discourse and all the dependencies/requirements(ruby, rails framework, ember etc) for being able to make changes as a developer.
  2. Using the Ember js guides, built a simple webpage to learn practically.

  3. Made styling changes using SCSS to get familiar with it.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Thoroughly studied and went through the discourse code base to understand the mvc design of Discourse.
  2. Brushed up on linux commands and general practice with terminal.
  3. Learned the front end framework Discourse uses, Ember, by making a small webpage and making small changes to it, following the Ember.js guides.
  4. Achieved further familiarity and comfort coding in Javascript.
  5. Started learning ruby, and now have a decent understanding of it.