Serafina - Machine Learning (Level 1) Pathway

Technical Area: In the technical area, I learned about the basics of machine learning and its function. I learned about the recommendation systems and how to use web scraping and what is Data Mining.

Tools: Python Basics, Beautiful Soup, Library, Request, Scrapy.

Soft Skills Learned about the organized manner of Project management and platforms such as Trello and the idea of Scrum.

Achievement Highlights:

  1. Downloaded Jupiter Notebooks and did “hello world.” I have very slight familiarity with this platform.

  2. Gained insight into what exactly is Machine Learning and its usages.

  3. Looked around on Quotes to Scrape but got a little confused in the process.

  4. Refreshed my memory of simple python commands, however, I still am a bit confused about loops.

Tasks Completed: I downloaded some of the materials, however, my computer fave me a difficult time installing certain platforms, so I have to go back and figure it out. I need to go on Youtube and watch some videos.

I was confused on this task and therefore did not complete it, " Train a basic ML model like logistic regression to classify a textual input into a negative or positive sentiment."

Read about NPL and how it is used in society. I read some articles and information on Google.