Sherryliulxy - UX & UI Pathway

Final Self Assessment:

I am a participant and did not have chance to write the first self-assessment yet. So my self- assessment will combine both self-assessment. Since I am an UX major student, I already have basic knowledge and experiences about UX that covered in the first few tasks. I provided suggestions to the team lead for the future design and shared my own design experience to other teammates.

Overview of things learned

*** Technical**

  • Understanding the goal of rebuilding a website
  • Find out the pain point of the users and make methods to solve the problems
  • Tools
    • Basic of Figma
  • Soft skills
    • Teamwork with other teammates
    • Get new inspiration by sharing my own design experience to my teammates

Achievement highlights

  • Understand the goal of designing a website
  • Reviewed and enhance professional skills and get more inspirations
  • Learning new software (Figma)

Meetings/ training attended

I have attended all the meetings. Those meetings help me to understand each tasks and goal.

Tasks done

I completed all the tasks:

  • Stakeholder map.
  • Empathy map.
  • User Research with new users
  • User Research with current intern
  • Persona
  • Low and High fidelity design

Goals for the upcoming week

  • Improve the visual look of the high fidelity design